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Located near Melbourne, Florida in the town of Indialantic, our kite shop serves all of brevard county and is dedicated to supplying hours of fun under the sun with kites for kids, stunt kites for the enthusiast, power kites for the thrill seekers and a variety of wind accessories, flags and much more! Come see us or give us a call at 321-725-8336!

Prism's Stowaway Delta
Stowaway Delta

by Prism
The Stowaway Delta puts a classic, high flying single-liner in a compact take..


Premier's Addiction

by Premier
The name says it all!!! This kite is addicting to fly; try it once and you can't..


NewTech's Clownfish

by NewTech
Our fish windsocks made by Newtech, add a splash of color and aquatic fun with these..

Premier's Hummingbird Spinner
Hummingbird Spinner

by Premier
Made with fade resistant Suntex fabric and strong fiberglass frames. This..

NewTech's Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle

by NewTech
These Sureflyers are named for their ability to always fly no matter what... a..

HQ's Eco Line Comet
Eco Line Comet

by HQ
Low budget entry level foil kite. A smooth flier with controllable pull...

NewTech's Red Baron
Red Baron

by NewTech
This Smithsonian Licensed replica airplane kite was modeled after real aircraft..

NewTech's Brilliant Red Forest
Brilliant Red Forest

by NewTech
These Red Forest Butterfly kites have brilliant colors that look true to nature...

Premier's Ace

by Premier
The Ace is the easiest stunt kite to fly for both children and adults. Maneuvers can..


HQ's Mojo

by HQ
A unique, crisscrossing spar configuration creates a leading edge that is..


Premier's Petite Spinners
Petite Spinners

by Premier
Available in a variety of styles. ..

HQ's Eco Line Rookie
Eco Line Rookie

by HQ
Our brand-new ECO LINE beginner stunt kites provide excellent value for money...


HQ's Symphony Speed 2.0
Symphony Speed 2.0

by HQ
The speed series lives up to its name with blazing fast speed and smooth control. A..

NewTech's Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon

by NewTech
NewTech's classic diamonds fly great and have a sturdy frame. Everyone will..

Premier's Bicycle Spinners
Bicycle Spinners

by Premier
Beautifully made of durable Suntex material and sturdy hardware these spinners..