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Located near Melbourne, Florida in the town of Indialantic, our kite shop serves all of brevard county and is dedicated to supplying hours of fun under the sun with kites for kids, stunt kites for the enthusiast, power kites for the thrill seekers and a variety of wind accessories, flags and much more! Come see us or give us a call at 321-725-8336

Premier's Woody Car Spinner
Woody Car Spinner

by Premier
Made of durable Suntex material on a fiberglass frame with accented stitching. ..

Premier's Tree Frog
Tree Frog

by Premier
Do you or a loved one love aviation? Our aircraft spinners made by Premier have..

Premier's Large Sea Turtle
Large Sea Turtle

by Premier
Get the most out of your coast! Sea Turtle spinners are carefully constructed..

Skydog's Dolphin Diamond
Dolphin Diamond

by Skydog
The traditional favorite kite, diamonds are the recognized icon of the kiting..

Premier's Hummingbird Fuchsia
Hummingbird Fuchsia

by Premier
Made with tough UV-RESISTANT Suntex fabric. These windsocks will provide years of..

Premier's Baby Sea Turtle
Baby Sea Turtle

by Premier
Get the most out of your coast! Sea Turtle spinners are carefully constructed..

NewTech's Red Forest Dye-Sub
Red Forest Dye-Sub

by NewTech
These Red Forest Butterfly kites have brilliant colors that look true to nature...

Skydog's Spinning Box
Spinning Box

by Skydog
3D alternatives to basic kite platforms, box kites are steady fliers with..

HQ's Mojo

by HQ
A unique, crisscrossing spar configuration creates a leading edge that is..


HQ's Crackerjack

by HQ
The all-new Crackerjack revolutionizes the sport kite market in many ways. As an..

HQ's Eco Line Rookie
Eco Line Rookie

by HQ
Our brand-new ECO LINE beginner stunt kites provide excellent value for money...


HQ's Symphony Beach III 1.8
Symphony Beach III 1.8

by HQ
Excellent flight performance, easy handling and tons of fun are the attributes of..


NewTech's Chinese Kanji - Dragon
Chinese Kanji - Dragon

by NewTech
NewTech's classic diamonds fly great and have a sturdy frame. Everyone will..

Premier's Tuxedo Cat Spinner
Tuxedo Cat Spinner

by Premier
Premiers bicycle spinners are their most popular spinners for three reasons:..

Prism's Triad

by Prism
Designed for the whole family, this triangular box kite climbs and soars like a..

Premier's Dachshund

by Premier
These spinners are adorable! Their small size and price are an easy fit for any..